It’s more than just sales

So last week I had a book signing at a wine tasting in Sherwood. This was held at Quailhurst, just outside Sherwood in the glorious wine country. Views of seven mountains, equestrian property. What’s not to love?

The wine tasting was from 11-4. I had to pretty much convince them to let me come. I’m a member of this wine club so I thought it would be apropos. In the past, they’ve not had much luck when they have partnered with someone else during a wine tasting. People come for the wine, nothing else.

Nevertheless, I persevered. And I sat there and surfed the Net on my iPhone for three hours, debating as to whether or not I should pack it in. The owner, an awesome and gracious man, did his best to direct people to me but…see last sentence in paragraph above.

Then, a couple came in. They’re wine club members but they didn’t come for the wine; they came to see me. They are adoptive parents and wanted to meet me and buy a book. I was shocked. I figured if anyone spoke to me it would be overflow from the tastings.

It was very gratifying. We had a wonderful conversation. Then, an appearance by an old grade school friend of mine who was down from Redmond, Washington for a wedding shower. Then six of my friends arrived at different intervals.

Now I say all this for a reason. For those who know me, this book has always been about reaching out and touching people, making a difference. And I’ve been seeing that happen. This couple was very interested and excited to “talk shop” about adoption and to hear my story and share theirs. And, as my little area began to fill with people, we were all sharing together.

The second thing that resonated with me so much was my beautiful friend, from Redmond, Washington. Her brother (also an old friend of mine from grade school), had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I was able to put her in touch with someone from the winery who is working on a very encouraging treatment for Parkinson’s. She was flabbergasted and now her brother is going to be involved in a control group for this treatment.

In addition, I was able to introduce several of my friends to this winery. They were blown away by the quality of the wine and the beauty of the property and are considering joining the wine club.

OK, I tell all of this because I came away from that day walking on air. I sold only three books, but I was able to bring people together for a mutual benefit and a mutual blessing.

Sometimes success is more than just sales.


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