Radio Radio

This is the week that was. I had my first radio interview. It was with a small radio station in the Eastern Oregon community of Enterprise. Ironically enough, this is where my editor lives.

Anywho, the individual interviewed me over the phone. It was about a four and a half minute interview but in those few minutes I learned quite a bit. I asked the interviewer to send me an MP3 of the interview for my website and, possibly my Facebook page. I’m also going to send it to other radio stations that show interest in me.

In listening to my interview, I learned some things about myself. One, that I’m a chatty Cathy. Now, I’ve known this for a long time. And, for interviewers that can be a blessing and a curse. If the person never shuts up, it’s a curse. If the person is intelligent and engaging (like moi), then there’s no problem.

However, I see where I can improved beyond my obvious strengths. I’m learning that I need to get to the point and let the interviewer ask more questions if they choose to do so rather than taking over the interview. I’ve also learned that I need to enunciate more. Some words can come out as gibberish, especially in a phone interview. This particular interview was done about a week before airing. I truthfully don’t hold out a lot of hope of much in the way of sales. Enterprise, Oregon has fewer than 2,000 souls and Wallowa County, of which it is the county seat, only has 7,000 residents.

Today I was in Eugene, Oregon to drop off copies of my book. This station, KPNW, is going to interview me on Friday, September 27 for fifteen minutes! I was shocked that they were devoting so much time to me. In the email I received from them, they sounded genuinely excited to read my book and interview me.

This is a little unnerving. I feel unworthy of this type of “success”, if you will. I guess I feel that I need to grovel for acceptance, for any type of positive affirmation. Instead, I need to accept it and accept the fact that I deserve this. Whether or not the Eugene interview results in many sales remains to be seen. The Eugene market is probably 600,000 people. Of course, not everyone will be listening to this interview. But, if it gets played several times or has substantial response, there’s tremendous potential there. Plus, who knows? Perhaps other stations will jump on the Bob Mulkey bandwagon.

I also have serious interest from a station in Grants Pass, Oregon. Two stations in Newport, Oregon also want to interview me and a third might be interested. Guess I’m on my way.

You know, I’m glad it’s starting out kinda slow. If things had popped immediately, I wouldn’t have been comfortable. I’m very much the type of man who wants things to increase organically. Although, I wouldn’t mind making about $50,000 right now!


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