We’ll see

This is perplexing. My website for my book, This is My Lemonade, is doing quite well, in my opinion. By that I mean that it is getting lots of hits. I look at Google Analytics and I’m impressed with the location of some of the origins of these hits. I’ve had them from all over the country as well as Russia, Kuwait, the Philippines, Ireland, Argentina and Canada. Yet all these hits are not generating sales. It makes me wonder, are these people who stumbled across the site and looked out of curiosity? If so, it would be difficult to encourage them to purchase my book. Are others people who actively sought the site and my book? If so, why wasn’t a purchase made.

There is a bigger issue at hand here–my sophistication, or lack thereof, in marketing in the age of social media. I keep thinking that old fashioned marketing will work, and I believe it still will help. I have opportunities on cable TV, talk radio and retail as well as speaking engagements and book signings. These will all help. It sure would be nice, though, to find a way for social media to help out.

I’ve been offered opportunities to have professionals review my work. I’m not embarrassed or frightened to have someone do this. However, the cost is substantial and if the review is subpar, then it was a waste of time because I won’t be able to use it in marketing and they won’t report it in their publications.

Yet, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Wouldn’t it be a net positive even if the review is less than stellar? It would show me where my weaknesses are. My understanding is that these are respected, talented reviewers who will not hang me out to dry. Their goal is to help nascent (and seasoned) writers in their endeavors. It’s a moot point anyway, right now because the deadline has passed for this year. I’d have to submit my book for 2014. We’ll see.

I am still looking for someone who has the ability to translate into Italian. I would LOVE to have this book translated and available by the time I hit Italy for Christmas. I’ve thought of how perfect it would be to get my family to contact a talk radio station in their area and for me to tell the story of how my father left the area after the ravages of WWII to make his fortune in Canada, only to have his girlfriend give away his child to a family in another country, to have that child seek him out and for that child to come back to the homeland. The long lost Italian son comes home. Wouldn’t that register in family-oriented Italy? Wouldn’t it be a perfect story for Christmas? Of course I’m biased, but I just think that people would fall all over themselves to know more.

We’ll see!


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