Start me up

Well, it’s started. The nascent ascent of my writing career into the stratosphere. How do I know? Read on, my children.

Last night a friend sent me a Facebook message. It seems he was on a flight from Los Angeles to Portland. Sitting in first class, he was reading my book. The woman next to him asked if the book was good. She was curious because she had heard about it! My friend’s comment reflected excitement on his part; his posting was peppered with exclamation marks.

To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement. Strangers are now hearing about my book from other strangers??? I never would have deigned to assume that this early in the progression of my book I would be experiencing something so monumental.

Whether or not this woman purchases the book is beside the point, although I believe she will. Her two experiences with my book, I believe, will be enough prompting for her to buy. The primary point is that my book is already making headway beyond my support system. It is small steps (baby steps???) like these that create interest, even excitement. A groundswell of support.

This validates my decision to provide a free copy to those who have clout and influence. It also supports my decision to provide a free copy to the Sylvia Beach Hotel as well as a copy to the bookstore across the street. Both will appeal to a discerning demographic. And if this demographic sees it in two places in close proximity it will further cement the book in their mind.

Now I know I can’t rest on these embryonic experiences. I have to move product! (God, I sound like Walmart). But it’s true. No writer wants his work to appeal only to narcissistic aesthetes because there’s so few around! You have to market to the bourgeoisie—the middle class. And that is what I’ll do.

This weekend is turning into something I couldn’t imagine. I’m impressed and motivated by the little things because they propel me towards something bigger. I can’t truly expect to start at the top. And I wouldn’t want to do so because it’s only downhill from there.

No, I want the joy, the excitement, the exhilaration of watching my creation take off and knowing that I, with God’s blessing, caused it to do so. And as much as I adore the glories of the Oregon Coast, Monday can’t come soon enough.


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