Technology is a wonderful thing/New book in town

I have been fiddling with Google Analytics for my website. It’s amazing what you can find out with technology. Tonight I checked the analytics for my site and found out where all my hits hail from. Don’t freak; I don’t know anyone’s address or location or identity. But it’s interesting to see where people are from. Some cities, like Salem, Tualatin, Eugene and Portland are rather obvious to me. Even Moscow is obvious–the only person I know there is my ex sister-in-law. Kuwait is most likely my brother on one of his travels. Many of the others fascinate me. Some are from Missouri, Texas, Montana. It’s great to know that my site is finding an audience, however small, beyond those I know.

I don’t really know what I can do with any of this information. After all, I’m just one man who wrote a little book and who happens to be blessed with lots of friends. If I were Apple or Intel, I could mine this information because there’d me millions of hits. As it is, it’s just fun to see the reach I can have. Can I sustain it? Perhaps I should encourage my brother to hit my site when he’s in Papua, New Guinea, Algiers, London or Rio. It would be cool to have those locations under my belt!!

I should mention that the books I ordered arrived today. I’ve got enough for the book signing. I also got my posters for the Oregon City book signing, and boy were they expensive! They’re pretty impressive but I have to admit that it’s a bit uncomfortable seeing myself “up in lights” or a reasonable facsimile thereof. I know, everyone thinks I’m so assertive, friendly and “out there”. But when it comes to promoting myself, well, that’s a new animal. I suppose I should get used to this. You don’t write a book and just allow it to lie there like a lump. Otherwise, what was the point of ever writing it? No, you must step out of your comfort zone and force yourself to promote yourself. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.


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