It’s been several weeks since I’ve written. I suppose I should have written sooner, but I don’t want to bore anyone with useless blatherings. Yet, all these marketing gurus tell me that I need to keep “blathering” to maintain interest in my book. Perhaps that’s true; I don’t know. I have no way of knowing how many people read my blog. And I have no way of knowing how many of the readers are strangers.

I do know that my website is getting lots of hits. I’m at 630 so far and it’s only been out 7-8 weeks. I’m very gratified for that. I know those numbers will spike once the book is finally ready and I start planning events.

About the book…yes, I know you’re waiting to hear. Well, the final proof should be arriving VERY soon. Once it does, I’m dropping EVERYTHING to go over it. If it is okay, then I will go into my account in the CreateSpace website and click “Publish” and it will be available for people to purchase immediately. I will then put the web link on my website. Within three days, Amazon.com will have a page for me for people to purchase through them.

Sometimes it feels like it won’t happen. I know there is a time to every purpose under heaven. That’s not just a Byrds lyric, that’s scriptural. I do know that I’m more ready now for the book to be ready and to be released. It’s amazing how much more prepared you can be for something in just a few weeks. And I think there’s a reason for that. I do look forward to utilizing my abilities, intellect and talents to market this book and see how far I can take it on my own. A good friend of mine just finished a book and he’s looking for an agent. I’m not there yet; and I won’t totally discount it. Right now I’m excited at the prospect of taking something I gave laborious birth to, and watching it flourish.


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