Just call me a tease

Yes, I’m going to tease all of you right now. My dear friend Greg, who I respect tremendously, has helped me with my website http://www.thisismylemonade.com. On this site, one can read not only the prologue, but the first chapter–yet an additional glimpse into the book that is coming soon.

My website has a guest book for visitors to sign as well as a place for people to contact me if they’d like. When the book is completed, there will be a direct link to my page on the Amazon.com website for purchase of a copy of the book.

I would like to encourage everyone who goes onto my website to sign my guest book so I can get an idea of the reach of my site. And I would LOVE to hear what you think so far. I’ve got thick skin so I can take constructive criticism! Since not many people read my blog, I will be posting this info on Facebook, too. Thank you for reading!