Don’t forget; it’s gonna happen!

OK. Another step accomplished. Today I received another mock-up and it looked great. So, the next step is the manuscript which is uploading as I write this. With my ancient computer, it should finish some time after the Second Coming of Christ. CreateSpace will then build the proof and send it to me within the next ten days. It will then be up to me to go over the proof page by page looking at fonts, typos, pagination, photos, the cover and anything else. Considering that I’ve edited this thing about three dozen times, I don’t expect a lot of typos, at least. I’m hoping that everything is spot on. My understanding is that, if the proof is okay, it will take them three days to process everything and create a web page for me on Amazon where the book can be purchased.

From that point, things will move fast. I’ll have to schedule the Oregon City book launch and the Salem book launch, contact radio stations, newspapers, etc. Gonna be a lot of work, but I’m starting to get more excited.

I also have a very good friend from my church embellishing my Lemonade website for me. I will include on it the prologue and first chapter; there will be a link to this blog, Twitter and Facebook as well as a place for comments or for someone to contact me. My friends can communicate via personal email. The masses will use the web page. I’m glad he’s working on it; it makes me feel like something is being done. Sending my manuscript out into the Internet netherworld makes me feel like nothing is being done.

I hope people haven’t forgotten!


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