“Hot time, summer in the city”

Something tells me that this is going to be a summer event–book release, two book launches. I’ve just finished the corrections on the mock-up. It will be FIVE days before they make the changes at which time I’ll receive ANOTHER mock-up to peruse. I’d be remiss if I said I wasn’t getting impatient.

I am to leave for Italy in late June. I would hope this book would be ready by then. I would think it would be ready sometime in May, but who knows? I can honestly say that I’m getting more of an education now than I ever did at Oregon State University.

I did speak to my brother in Dubai last night. He was very silent in discussing the book. I attempted to explain the situation, but he’s not biting. I truly believe he doesn’t understand the concept of wanting to make a difference. Perhaps, though, I am the one not understanding his approach–his life being thrust out for the masses to consume, even with name changes. I found out he told our cousin about it and she proceeded to have a breakdown. Of course, she’s flighty anyway. So, again I feel this skittishness, this fear. Yet, again, I forge onward.


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