Hope I don’t muck up this mock up

Today I received the mock up from Createspace for my book. Essentially, I received the first two chapters along with the first pages that include copyright info, dedications, etc. I am to look over this mock up and determine if I like the indentation, pagination, fonts, etc. If I do, I notify them to go ahead and they will then format the whole book which will be another two weeks. From there, I will receive a proof. If that works for me, then they’ll make it available online and everyone can finally buy it. As I said a few weeks ago…baby steps.

So…I have to fight the desire to rush through this. I have edited this thing perhaps three dozen times and I want to get it out, but I have to truly make sure everything is as perfect as possible. For those of you who know me, you KNOW how anal I am. Yet it is possible to rush through something to get what you want and muck things up.

I’m weary but excited. I think this is a good way to be.


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