The fat lady ain’t sung yet

So, in the continuing saga of POOR Bob Mulkey’s first book….

When we last left Bob he was actually a little encouraged. He had seen the proof of his book and, while there were mistakes, he understood that life is sometimes imperfect. Nevertheless, he was jazzed to see what his book could possibly look like and he was excited to work with Createspace, an affiliate of

Then…(dramatic organ music)

After speaking to Createspace it turned out that it will be at LEAST another 3-4 weeks before the book is possibly ready and possibly 6-8 weeks. First, it must be formatted at which time Createspace will send a mock up of the book consisting of only 10-15 pages–this will take seven days. If that passes muster with POOR Bob, then Createspace will complete the book–this will take another 10-15 days. Then the proof will be sent to POOR Bob for his final approval. Barring any changes or corrections, POOR Bob will approve the proof and notify Createspace at which time it will take about 2-3 days to create the web page for purchase of the book. Although, people will be able to purchase it through Createspace before then.

So, to summarize the ongoing saga of POOR Bob’s first book–the fat lady ain’t sung yet.

And POOR Bob is striving to stay away from the razor blades…


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