Up, up and away– my hopes, that is

OK so I received a proof of the book. A few things needed to be corrected. The spine of the book was “bleeding” onto the front and back cover. Easily corrected. Found a couple of things inside, too, that can be easily corrected. Other than that, I thought it looked pretty darn good.

Has me a little scared. This is really going to happen. I’m not pulling the plug. What will be the result? As I’ve said before, at the very least I finally did it. That right there is enough for me to hold my head up.

In following through I’ve decided to pay Createspace (affiliated with Amazon.com) to finish up the book. If I try doing this, I’ll be here until the 22nd century. I don’t have the knowledge or moxie about online publishing and I’m tired of trying to teach myself when I can pay someone a reasonable price to take this the rest of the way. Plus, they’ve got marketing plans to help me out.

I have decided that I am going to have two book launches. An acquaintance of mine just published a book and had two book launches so I figure “Why not me?” I’m still going to have the one in Oregon City. The second will be in Salem. From there, I guess the world is my oyster. I will pull out all the meager stops I have. I will have a copy to take to Italy with me to present to my family over there in June. If I go back to Dubai at Christmas, I’ll have one for my brother and sister-in-law. Signed, of course.

I feel a big door opening for me. But it’s a big door, so I have to push hard.


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