Baby steps, volume II

Well, I’m on my way again.  Createspace, so far, is looking good.  It appears that I might be able to do a lot of the work which will save this poor, starving author some bucks.  They are very responsive in their emails and have a 24 hour free hotline for questions, tips, etc.  I like it, I really like it.

I wish I had an idea of when this will be done.  Right now I have to get some photos changed because their dpi is too small.  After that, I can go to the next step.  I have to fight this frustration, though. 

It had better be done before I leave for Italy for vacation.  I want to try to talk to someone  in the media in my family’s hometown and tell them about the book, about the return of this long lost Italian son.  You know, build up an audience.  Of course, that will be awhile because I was quoted $5000 to translate my manuscript into Italian!!!

I will be attending another book launch and am anticipating that.  It will be interesting to see what someone else does.  Perhaps I can get some ideas and incorporate them into my launch.  I’m sure the owner of Cypress in Oregon City thinks I’ve fallen off the face of the earth!!

Oh well, I suppose it builds suspense and interest, right?  I was talking with a guy the other day about Italy.  He wanted to know why Ioved I Italy so much.  I gave him a brief rundown of my background and he then admitted to me that he had been adopted by an Italian family in Connecticut and he was an adoptive father himself!  Everywhere I go, it’s the same thing.  Whether it’s the young man at Fed Ex or the woman in a lounge, I’m running into adoptees.  Our name is legion.

But it is gratifying and it serves to validate me in what I’m doing.  I harbor no illusions and do not expect to get rich.  But I have two very good friends who are convinced I’ll be rich and famous.  Even my boss is convinced of that.  Makes me feel good.  Me?  I prefer not to get my hopes up.


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