Ho hum, hoooooo hummmm

That’s right.  It’s nadir city.  Things are slow right now.  Meeting with my attorney next week.  Trying to figure out Createspace.  I think I’m pretty much done but I’m unfamiliar with their processes.  The way I look at it, I’m pretty much done; all they need to do is format but I’m unclear as to what more I need to do.  The thing that frustrates me is their website that says books are ready in about six weeks!  I’ll lose my mind if that’s the case.

Oh well, at least I finally got my new laptop.  Finally got rid of that dinosaur I’d had for seven years.  Didn’t realize until I looked under “Properties” that the memory was something like  75mg–basically it’s an Alzheimer’s version of a laptop now!  Still getting used to this one.


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