Some new relationships aren’t a rebound

OK, so I have a new love now. And it’s called Createspace, the application/company affiliated with that helps nascent writers with their works. So far, it’s seeming quite easy. But then, I’m coming at it from a great point–my book is finished and it’s been formatted. I don’t know what more they will require of me–will they accept my book cover? Is the formatting to their specifications? Will I be charged up the ying yang for every little thing? The latter is what I fear most. Already I’m finding out it’s more than twice the cost of my previous publisher–and remember, I didn’t get any of that money back.

So I’m trudging along. Had lunch today with one of my closest friends who has written two books and used Createspace and he was a wealth of information as he usually is. More than anything, though, he encouraged me to move forward. An adoptive father, he saw intuitively the inherent importance of my book and the potential implications for its publication.

It was important for me to talk to him. I value his opinion and I needed the encouragement. I think anyone who steps out and takes risks feels an innate insecurity–why am I doing this? Should I do this? Will it (I) be accepted? Will they like me; will they REALLY like me?

And I feel this is especially prevalent in the creative arts. What we are doing is stepping out from the shadows and demanding to be seen and noticed and to have our work accepted. It’s a huge step because creativity, I believe, comes from the soul. And there are few things more personal or sensitive than the soul. To have your soul rejected is tantamount to being told you don’t exist.

OK, I’m getting maudlin and way too deep. Let’s keep it light–“It’s a small world after all…”

Are we okay yet?

I’ve been told that these hiccups in the process are only going to benefit me. That they will whet people’s appetites. I see that happening to a point because people are always asking when the book will be out. I’m even hearing people discussing my book with others. This is so very gratifying. Almost as if everyone is taking a personal interest in my book and its success.

I suppose I’ll find out, won’t I? Createspace is saying the book will take six weeks. That would put me into April! But, I’ve come to realize that many companies give themselves wiggle room and that they usually deliver much sooner.

I am in the process of planning for my Italy trip. A buddy is going with me and I’m hoping I can accompany him on to Munich, Vienna, Salzburg and Budapest. Hope, hope. The Italy leg is, of course, most important. Not just regarding my family, but because I will be attempting to talk to someone in the media in my family’s hometown to build up interest in this book about a long-lost Italian son who’s come home. Additionally, I hope to speak to a translator about translating the tome into Italian. Guess you could say I’m serious about this, eh?


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