Thought it was time to “Giddyap”. Instead, it’s time to “Whoa”.

So what do you do when your publisher refuses your manuscript despite the legal opinion of your attorney? When your publisher demands you make all these changes when your attorney says you’re protected? Who’s right? Who do I follow? I don’t suppose anyone could blame me for wanting to pull the plug. This hearkens back to my musing a few blog posts back where I questioned this book.

If anything, this experience is enlightening. But I have to be honest and say that I’m getting sick of this crap. My publisher thinks they know the law better? Do I look for another publisher? The one I chose was the best one of the bunch as far as I was concerned. And their comments beg the question of why didn’t they tell me all this earlier? They asked me to contact a lawyer and now they are disagreeing with said lawyer and laying on the line to me what they want to happen.

I’m going to drown myself in my favorite sitcom, Frasier. After sleeping on it tonight, I won’t be so despondent tomorrow. I’ll be able to think more clearly.


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