Baby steps…

That’s what it’s about…baby steps. This writing and publishing thing doesn’t just happen. I don’t know, color me ignorant, but I really hoped I would have everything done by now–the book launch would have been wildly successful with special appearances by Angelina Jolie and CNN, you know what I mean. Instead, it’s baby steps.

Today I purchased my business cards for the book. One more way of getting the word out there. Expensive little suckers! I suppose that’s because I went through FedEx/Kinko’s. Who knows? That means one more little thing on my To Do list is finished. Every baby step helps.

Now if my attorney would just reply to my email. That would alleviate so much concern. We still have to get the publisher to format the bloody thing so we can prep the cover. God help me if they don’t accept the cover. That will be another barrier to overcome.

Just gotta keep pluggin’ along.


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