Welcome to “This is My Lemonade”

Well, I’m dipping my toe even deeper into Lake Social Media.  First I had the personal Facebook page, then a Facebook page for my first book, then a Twitter account, then a website for the book and now a blog.  (I still have to create a personal website).  Marketing oneself certainly has taken on many new dimensions.  Of course, this can increase visibility exponentially.

This blog is essentially an appendage of my first book, This is My Lemonade.  The book is a chronicle of my 34 year journey as an adoptee, finding the details of my background, meeting my biological family, tracing my roots to Italy and all the uncomfortable encumbrances of human emotion that are attached to issues such as identity, rejection, affirmation and abuse.

I mainly plan on using this blog as an adjunct to my continued journey as an adoptee.  I have hopes that my book resonates with people to the point of healing in relationships.  My story is unique and, while I am of course, biased, I also firmly believe that its uniqueness is one of the things that makes it compelling.  I hope that whoever reads my book, the prologue on Facebook or follows on the blog will feel comfortable in commenting or asking questions.  I hope that discourse can ensue and even relationships can flower–even if it has the somewhat impersonality of social media.  I do request that people respect the comments, opinions and experiences of others.  Abuse, insults or vulgarities will result in deletion of comments.  Thank you for reading!

Bob Mulkey